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  • JAB
    Dubai Boxers
  • JAB is a photographic documentary on the training of professional boxers in one of the only boxing gyms in Dubai. My journey with the boxers lasted approximately 3 months. Coming from countries (Germany, Iran, New Zealand, UK) where a talented boxer is offered opportunities and the possibility of success, they discover a completely different reality in Dubai where the boxing scene is still amateur. Despite that, these boxers train every day immediately after work.

    As the curious (& slightly annoying) newcomer, I wondered why they invested so much in their training only not to make boxing their profession. It did not make sense to me that the most physically & skillfully demanding sport would not be the only thing for one to concentrate & build a career on. Very few of the boxers would actually travel & fight abroad.

    After having decided to train with them, I began to understand the addiction that follows this specific sport. 
    I learned that their training is their meditation and the reward does not matter. My respect for these men grew. Some time after this project was over, the gym closed down. Some boxers left while others stayed but remain scattered around, finding the next partially equipped gym to train in. I thank the boxers for letting me into their community & showing me the true meaning of passion & perseverance.