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  • J8 Club Russia Identity
  • Junior Eight – public youth organization, which is tangibly different from all Russian youth organizations, due to clarity of their promises and implementation of specific projects. Apart from that, the organization highlights the fact that they do not belong to any political party or movement. Main challenge was to reflect all those advantages and to create a prevailing identity system for different projects and communications of the movement.
  • We have accomplished series of interviews with most active members of organization, which
    led to conclusion that every participant sees his own value in Junior Eight, which reflects his lifestyle and expectations in one way or another. As a result, we proposed that the brand should not be restricted by corporate style. Therefore, we have developed identity system, where the center of communication is the logo. The proposed system is based on simplest shape of number eight, which easily integrates in format of corporate identity, as well as design of communications, events and promo materials, that is positively reflecting on brand recognition. Diverse corporate identity allows being transformative and developing together with Junior Eight.