It's Lovely Out in The Woods Today : The Lost Childhood

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  • It's Lovely Out in the Woods Today
  • How can we forget those feelings we felt reading stories of Enid Blyton growing up - The Enchanted Woods, Magic Faraway Tree and The Wishing Chair. An ode to the author who created the foundation of all our imaginations, escaping into her magical world of pixie dust, where everything was just the way you've wanted.

    "Flutter into a fuzzy dream where delicate, pure yarns waft in the wind with dandy prints of quirk. Have a scone or maybe a jelly tart, under the soft shade of the Faraway Tree; a flight of fancy that only gets sweeter and sweeter."

    fashion stylist/art director Indrakshi Pattanaik
    photographer Colston Julian @Salt Management
    hair & make-up Sandhya Shekhar
    models Aiste Gerdivilyte, Sanda Caktas