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It was a stop motion project about multilayered metropolis that is Istanbul.
"Istanbul" A Story On Every Corner Of The Street
 A publication by students department Forum Design Academy Eindhoven and
students department Graphic Design Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Istanbul

In December 2009, students from Forum Design Academy Eindhoven visited Istanbul for five days to explore the themes 'Craftsmanship' and 'Professional Practices'. After the evaluation of the research of the students of Design Academy Eindhoven the tutors went back to Istanbul to give two days workshop for group of students from the Graphic Design Department from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. We discussed the outcome of the research on the meaning of the crafts in relation to modern design in Istanbul and we were asked to give a visual comment. 

I worked in collaboration with Melike Oran. We decided to make stop motion that visualized the interaction between the historical and modern city Istanbul. Istanbul is multilayered metropolis, where different cultures and classes have room to interact and develop. It looks like a tetris game. Each piece of game is layer of Istanbul.