•                        Over the past three years I have been traveling to Cuba in discord with the United States embargo, documenting an island in the stream of politics, ideologies and imaginations. I have tried to capture the people, the lifestyle and the essence of the street, which leave me with two conflicting spirits. Although Cuba is a country of immense beauty and passion, cultured and proud, it resonates with under tones of a gentle sadness that I cannot overlook. The people of Cuba have been left stranded by the United States’ damaging and antiquated foreign policy and by their own government, which has been forced to barricade itself within its own convictions festering upon its once altruistic ideology. The government's oppressive practices and lack of respect for human rights have caused physical and mental isolation for generations. The Cuban people have been left to survive by their culture, living an unembellished lifestyle and escaping only through their pride in Cuba as a people and its music, dance and art.
    Now with Cuba rounding the cusp of a new era on politics and relations with the United States, it will become ever more evident that the spirit of the Cuban people will not be held captive. This is my story of Cuba: