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    The ISIS, I Heart Me program is a positive initiative, aimed at developing healthy body image and acceptance within Australian school students. The course aims to celebrate diversity, and helps achieve this with an interactive and educational workbook for participating schools.

    This project required working with students, to develop a 100 page workbook which would remain refreshing and engaging with every turn of the page. The nondiscriminatory design aims to promote individuality, creativity and positivity.
    Illustrations by Rachel Lee
    Designed at Liveworm Studio, Southbank
    Gill Sans by Eric Gill
  • Illustrations by fellow Liveworm intern Rachel Lee, featured throught the workbook. These drawings exhibited extremely unique and 'abnormal' characters, united in their happiness and celebration of diversity.
  • Rachel also helped develop a custom typeface for headers throughout the workbook. Her script complimented well with the body copy which was typset in Gill Sans, chosen because of it's warm and welcoming letterforms.
  • Participating students are encouraged to interact with the subtle lined-texture featured throught the design, while content specific questions are to be ansered on the dotted lines provided.
  • A unique colour palette and design concept marks the beginning of every new work module. The everchanging design helps focus the student's attention with every turn of the page.