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Poster design for the exhibition of the MA Communication Design students that took place at Central Saint Martins on December 5th 2011.
A collaborative exhibition of posters designed by the students of the MA Communication Design course Of Central Saint Martins. All students were asked to design a poster that illustrates a personal view of what the advanced technological future holds.
The poster that I designed rearranges the words of the exhibition title, turning a question into a direct statement: This is tommorrow. The theme of the poster is the feeling of uncertainty for the future. The typography is illustrated in a manner that resembles the shapes of a labyrinth, thus directly relating the theme with the visual outcome. The viewer is lost when looking at the poster from up-close and only able to read the message when taking a step back from the artwork.
Students were also asked to produce a second poster of the same size that would be used for promotional purposes. For this assignment I chose to illustate the 55 participants of the exhibition with 55 rectangles of the same proportional size as the exhibition posters and use them to create this chaotic atmosphere that resembles a wormhole to the future. The letterforms used in the composition are custom designed.
Visit the website of the exhibition to see the work of all the students that participated at: