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    Final Frontier World Tour - Stage Prop
  • I was very lucky during my first year at university to be given the opportunity to spend three weeks working at Millennium FX - Europes leading supplier of cutting edge prosthetics, animatronics and special make-up FX for film, television, commercials, music promos, theater and corprate projects.

    I want tyo make it very clear from the start that i only had avery small part to play in this project.

    I was there as part of the work experiecne program of the univeristy and was effectively brought in as cheap skilled labour. However i learnt a great deal during my time on this project and am very grateful to have had this opportunity. 
  • As i understand it, a sculpture was made using the album artwork as reference. This sculpture was then scanned and worked on digitally. The file was then sent to a company that used a cnc process to mill out the polystyrene seen in the picture above. Which is where i first became involved.
  • After sticking the differnt sections of the head together we carved and tidied it up before first painting it and then covering it in silicone. Over this we applied a number of coats of fibreglass.
  • After the fibreglass had cured we pulled out the styrene creating an open shell. This is pretty much as far as my involvement went with the project, allthough i did help with a lot of other work not in cluded here, including the fingers which were later rigged with animaronics to make them move on the stage show.
  • From here on there was a great deal of work from a lot of very talented people to complete what you see below. I had agreat time working on this project and a lot of fun going to see it up and running at one of the bands shows.