• Lanscape Architect Identity

    A Landscape Architect commissioned me to design her corporate identity. The communication had to be simple, memorable and representative. Different quality of eco papers have been used for the stationary in order to specify the essence of her profession. The logotype has been designed using her initials as a basis and make it also seem like a branch by designing a ligature which combines the two initial letters. At the same time, the logotype proved to be a serif ligature which make it more elegant and stable, something that has to do also with the fact that a landscape architect use the ground/nature as a basis. On the other hand, a sans serif typeface has been used for the whole corporate identity, to modernise it, which is also something that identifies her work. 

    Lanscape Architect Meaning
    A landscape architect is a person involved in the planning, design and sometimes direction of a landscape, garden, or distinct space. The professional practice is known as landscape architecture.
  • Art direction / Graphic Design / Photography
    Konstantina Yiannakopoulou
    Date of approval July 2013
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