• Invitation Kit
    Pattern Designed Invitations
  • Hand written letters and invites are no longer a thing of the past. With a world full of technology, and computers in our pockets, there is still a love for opening an invite, and sending off a personalized hand written thank you card. I designed a stationery kit that gives appeal to the crafty and hipster individuals who want personality and art in their hands. This is for a demographic that is not fearful of playfulness, and embraces creativity.

    The systems I have created are integrated as wholes that started off from one simple shape and one module. I made a relationship between shapes and what emerged was a beautiful and unique pattern. A cohesive system of patterns and colors is showcased here in these party invitation sets. The Gestalt theory states: Images are understood as a “patterns” or a “whole” rather than the sum of the distinctive part, so the objective of this project was to create a design that embodied Gestalt.

    I used different aspects of the patterns I created to make an entire system of thank you cards, invitations, return address labels, stickers and envelopes. This fun and creative kit is for the artist in everyone. Why not add some life and color to material received in the mail, after all, opening an invite is only half the fun, as being fascinated by the decor on it, is the other.