Interviews & Behind the Scenes

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  • Interviews and other fun  stuff 
    Here you will be able to find interviews and other stuff related and less related to Plöw. Lets call this a behind the scenes place for you guys that are interested. Get up close and personal with us while we are on the road and in the studio.
  • Interview
    "Then in early 2009 I moved for good to Denmark. After leaving my band back home I became pretty eager to start playing music again. So I gave Rune (front man) a call an d we settled down for drink of the cheapest whiskey available. When the bottle was empty and I had co nvinced him that St. Anger was probably the best album ever made we started Plöw.
  • The Making of Bicentennial Picnic & High Tide
  • White Stone - Chronicles of the Massive tour cut
  •   Plöw Teaser