• Intersport
    Visual identity for Intersport
  • Visual identity for Intersport, an international sportswear chain with more than 5200 stores in 38 countries.

    While researching sports on television, competitions world wide and exercising throughout Copenhagen, I noticed the frequent use of colour in outfits and gear. This made me ask questions about the mental aspects of sports – because what impact do sports have on you, and what happens when we go from everyday life to time off? In answering questions like these, the use of colour emerges as a brilliant symbol; sports radiate life joy, power, and spirit. It really does seem as if the colourful outfits worn when exercising reflect positive emotions.
    With colour as my starting point, I created a universe of sportsgear based on the actual products of Intersport. Jerseys, tennis balls, shorts etc. are therefore all part of the visual identity, creating a universe of happiness, excitement and joy.