Editorial illustrations - Internazionale review
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Internazionale review
These are some images realized for the italian review Internazionale.
Alphabetizing kids by Ilan Stavans - Internazionale magazine
this is a detail
A fake of art (the two pieces above) by Noah Charney
The impostor syndrome by Angela Sirigu
Chimpanzee deity 
Mosquito Zika fever
There may be water on Mars. But is there intelligent life on Earth? By George Monbiot
Why lack of sleep makes us emotionally distracted by everything By Jessica Hamzelou
Open the Music Industry’s Black Box by DAVID BYRNE
Panic, depression and stress: The case against meditation by  Miguel Farias and Catherine Wikholm
Natural Selection May Help Account for Dutch Height Advantage by Carl Zimmer
Le désherbant Roundup classé cancérogène par Stéphane Foucart 
Whatch what you say. Better automated acquisition of speech may be more about seeing than hearing 
Unraveling the Key to a Cold Virus’s Effectiveness by Karl Zimmer
to Radwa Ashour on Internazionale special issue
People from Mexico show stunning amount of genetic diversity by Lizzie Wade 
Je regrette: how else can we learn from our past? by Carina Chocano - today on Internazionale
Le lappole di Justyna by KAJA MALANOWSKA
TOO SOON TO TELL, The case for hope by Rebecca Solnit
The Christmas Paper I created for Internazionale
Saying it With Flowers, 14.000 Years Ago by Michael Balter
My search for a smartphone that is not soaked in blood by George Monbiot
How can opium be so ancient, and addiction so modern?
Heroes, Kings and Saints: the Hungarian fairy tale by Péter Zilahy