International MBA Challenge

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  • International MBA Challenge, Nyenrode
  • International marketing campaign for Brightfruit.
    Win a full-tuition scholarship for an International MBA at one of the world’s most entrepreneurial business schools, Nyenrode Business Universiteit. The full-tuition scholarship is worth €32,500!

    In an interactive and unique online multi-user platform requiring only an internet connection and a webcam.
    Nyenrode was one of the finalists for the MBA Innovation Award 2011 for a part because of this marketing campaign.

    I contributed in designing the total corporate identity, webdesign and the design of the multi-user platform.

    What can we quote you on 18 months from now? What do you want to get out of Nyenrode’s International MBA Program? Here is a sample of quotes from students, a professor and a business leader on Nyenrode’s International MBA Program.

    “I believe in Global Leaders. I often say leaders understand and value globalization. Leaders inspire others to act in the best interests of shared high-level global strategies and goals while at the same time effectively decentralizing decision-making, innovation processes, and teams. This type of leadership is key to the long-term success of organizations, and I recognize and celebrate that Nyenrode focuses on developing the relevant skills in its International MBA program.”
    Wim Elfrink, Chief Globalization Officer, Executive Vice President Cisco Services

    “I had four objectives in choosing my MBA: to sharpen my knowledge of business and finance, to understand how to work with and manage multicultural and diverse teams, to develop my network and to broaden my career options. While all these objectives were fulfilled, I benefitted most from Nyenrode’s entrepreneurial spirit, which taught me how to create and find opportunities for myself rather than wait for themto appear.”
    Amit Shiwani (Indian, MBA 2008), Manager, PricewaterhouseCoopers M&A, The Netherlands