International Holocaust Remembrance Day-postcard set

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  • During our research on this project, weran into some stories of women who risked their lives in order to create or useitems that will preserver they womanliness.
    This need wasn't a whim but a need ofsurvival. The need to keep some of their human resemblances has transformed to the need to save their womanhood.
    Womanhood is a subject rarely referred towhen speaking of the Holocaust. So in this project we wanted to emphasize thefact that the need to hang on to one's womanhood in dire times it's a potentneed/
    By using a graphic language in which nowadayswomanly product like makeup, lingerie,etc are presented, we wanted to show the contrast between the need to be awoman and survival need .
    Co-Owner Noa Berman-

  • This work was displayed in the International Holocaust Remembrance Day-exhibit