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  • International Caregiver Network
  • International Caregiver Network's mission is to empower family caregivers, to humanize professional caregiving communities; and, to enlighten business leaders about the abundance everyone can enjoy when caregivers are celebrated.

    Keeping that mission in mind, the development of this brand relied heavily on the emotional relationship between the cause and its audience. To ensure the accuracy and impact of the brand's emotional tone, I worked closely with the client during the research phase of the project. Together, we created a “moodboard.” This collage of images, design elements, colors, photographs, etc. serve as a visual reminder of the intended tone of the brand throughout the design process.

    You can learn more about the International Caregiver Network by visiting:
  • This "moodboard," was created and served as the visual reference during the creation of the International Caregiver Network (ICN) brand. The design elements, colors, sketches and photographs were a specifically chosen to represent the emotional relationship between the audience and the brand.