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  • Looking for the Sun
    Jeff Pasquale
  • Sunshine, it seems, is most elusive in our lives when we need
    it the most. Of course I’m not talking about real sunshine
    in this case, but spiritual sunshine – its light, brightness, and
    illumination – that helps reveal the essentials of life that seem to
    fade away when we’re in trouble.

    Current events, both global and local, are becoming more

    and more overwhelming as we collectively try to comprehend

    what is happening to us, around us, and to each other. When

    you couple these external events with our own personal

    challenges, it’s not surprising to see that drug companies

    are enjoying all-time high profits for their lines of sleepinducing,

    anxiety-removing, and pain-reducing elixirs.

    If you’re reading this book, then you are likely searching for a

    path to peace, tranquility, or problem-resolution. Realistically,

    though, a book can’t fully solve your problems, but it can offer

    you options as you start on your quest. This book’s purpose is

    to set you on a path to find ways to deal with your challenges,

    and help with the feelings of hopelessness that are usually

    associated with these challenges.