Interior design of the Fischer’s Moscow office

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  • Interior design of the Fischer’s Moscow office

  • Conference room
    In the conference room silhouettes of sportsmen are supplemented with real Fischer equipment. We tried to transform a flat image into 3D objects. All sorts of Fischer equipment (different types of ski and hockey stick) are featured here, and all the objects can be easily replaced with newer models, if necessary

  • Outer space
    We stumbled upon this idea when looking through some ski resort videos - many bright-coloured figures quickly and exquisitely maneuvering on a white slope.

    We decided to run bright-coloured lines through corridor walls and have skiers move along these lines. These trajectories made the whole space more uniform and energetic. We also achieved a curious effect: when you walk through a corridor, it seems that something is actually moving on the wall.

    There are silhouettes of a forest in winter on all glass partitions with bright-coloured lines visible behind the trees. There’s a stereoscopic effect inside the rooms when blinds are open and shut quickly.

  • Department premises
    Because Fischer is an Austrian company, we decorated interior walls with views of Austrian cities and ski resorts. These landscapes make inner space look ampler and more sophisticated.
  • The work took about two months, mostly on week-ends. We are now experts in ski too;)
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