Interior Fabrics

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    A collection of woven fabrics designed with the application of hospitals as the inspiration. It was also inspired by the beach - a place that acts as a median for the land and sea just as textiles does for people. Hospitals were originally created as a place one passed through to recieve treatment so the individual could move on with one's life and heal outside of a building's wall. However, with the development of medical devices, hospitals became industrialized and sterile to accommodate the masses of people that would come for healthcare. The hospital space became unliveable and stagnant- not suitable for recovery.
    This collection's intent is to create a space that is not sterile and static but rather dynamic and allows the environment to come alive and allow the patient to live in the space. The transparency and the way the fabric catches the light depending on the viewer's relation to the fabric allows it to create a lively and effective environment for healing.