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Apartment Bedroom - New York, New York - Interior Design
Interior Design - Bedroom
New York, New York 
One of my first projects as DHC Design was helping a couple organize a move. This presented a great design opportunity as the two wished to create a hotel like experience in their new sleeping area. The budget required using existing pieces of furniture.  

The work consisted of repainting a bureau, desk and a highboy.  Two new bed side tables and lamps were found and painted to match.  The paint finish is low VOC latex paint in four coats plus primer sanded in between coats.  Finally over all a wax finish was applied to protect the paint.  The wax was hand buffed to a high sheen finish which gives the painted surfaces a slight glow in sunlight.   

The fabric for the drapery panels is a cotton, green, "ming" toile.  The window valance and the upholstered headboard are a chocolate ultra-suede. A duvet cover was sewn in fabric to match the drapery panels.  

The new headboard was a design and build project using poplar and painted to match the other pieces.  The headboard also has integrated lighting to create a soothing night lighting which can be controlled from the bedside tables.

Since day lighting was most important to the clients I arranged the mirrors of the desk and bureau to face each other at the window end of the room.  Therefore, extra sunlight is drawn into the room and reflected throughout. This is especially effective in the winter months when the sun angles are lower and sunlight can flood the room.