• Smack
    Interactive Jellyfish
  •  Finely produced, thin porcelain forms are hung from the ceiling with a multitude of thin clear cables cascading from the body. As the viewer engages with the tentacles, the bodies glow as the sensors are activated. Smack is an electronic-based interactive space using traditional and new media. This installation relies on the relation between viewer and object; and traverses the chasm between traditional and contemporary media. Using technology and form as tools, the installation critiques the advantages and disadvantages of these typical binaries as well as the integral dependent relationship between human and animal.

    A Smack is a cloud or bloom of jellyfish. Inspired by the way in which these organisms interact with these people and objects, Smack enables a physical relationship between object and subject.
  • Emily Carr University of Art + Design
    Vancouver, BC
  • Interactive Futures '11 Conference
    Vancouver, BC