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An edition of silkscreen prints focused around the use of intention.
Intention has always been at the forefront of modern art and design.
Since Duchamp's Fountain, the consideration of intention has been omnipresent in the fine and commercial arts. Using something as it was originally created to be used was no longer the only approach to creation or commentary. The use of an object or medium in an intended way or environment can now be considerate of message or meaning in the same way that qualities like color and composition are. The consideration of intended purpose in a piece is something now taken for granted.
These prints are a study in intention. 
This is three stacks of abandoned silkscreens. Each of these screens was left behind by a previous owner after it fulfilled the purpose of printing whatever graphic was exposed into it.
The paradox contained by these screens is that they can be used to fulfill their intended purpose and to defy their intended purpose at the same time. No one can deny that silkscreens were created to print from. Printing is the reason these screens were manufactured.
However, these graphics were created and exposed for one purpose only, and they have already fullfilled whatever purpose their creators used them for. Using these graphics for a purpose other than the original artists' idea directly errs against the reason they were brought into the world.
By using these old screens to print, both sides of the story are shown- the resulting prints are both intentional and unintentional.
The finished print- 18"x24"
If you're interested in one of the prints from the (extremely small) edition, let me know!