Intel Ultrabook short film 全能演出

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  • Intel launched the Ultrabook, a super thin and sleek notebook that boosted superb performances in
    responsiveness, connectivity, data protection and battery life. Leehom, a multi-talented artist, was the
    perfect spokesperson to showcase the all-around performances of the Ultrabook.
    The idea for the short film was to have Leehom enter a futuristic space and become the Ultrabook
    personified, highlighting the great performances of the Ultrabook through five different scenarios. He
    played on a piano shaped by streaming lights of energy for hours on end, reacted swiftly to a fencer’s
    lunge, traveled light and easy on metallic waves, connected from point to point in an instant and
    warded off a powerful cloaked intruder attempting to steal his data.
    The rather abstract film was a great opportunity for us to build everything up from scratch, be it the
    the environment, the streaming lights or the different elements. The sound design was just as
    important in setting the mood and pace.
    Intel 最新產品Ultrabook,邀請王力宏擔任年度代言; 化身為Ultrabook以一段完美的演出來展現所 具備的長效電力/ 智慧反應/ 輕薄設計/ 智慧連接技術與防盜技術的五大特性。
    在視覺呈現上,JL DESIGN利用Ultrabook的元素來創造出冷冽的數位空間,同時為Intel的Die’namic品牌元素設計出流動傳輸的光線來象徵其連結性。王力宏化身為Ultrabook,藉由長時間彈奏由Die’namic所組成的鋼琴、靈敏回擊的西洋劍手、輕盈徜徉在銀色金屬海浪、點與點之間的快速連結與擊退駭客入侵來表現Ultrabook五大功能。
    影像配樂上,JL DESIGN邀來世界當紅的愛爾蘭音樂製作公司Echolab設計聲音配樂,打造出深具電子魅力的Intel Ultrabook世界觀。
  • Client: Intel Taiwan
    Agency: McCann Erickson Taiwan
    Creative Director: Paul Hung 洪星駒
    Associate Business Director: Jeff Wen 溫永昌
    Account Supervisor: Felicia Lin 林怡瑄
    Design Studio: JL DESIGN
    Creative Director: JL 羅申駿
    Executive Producer: Angela Moo 巫安琪
    Project Manager: Grace Shen 沈欽儀
    Art Director: Lance Wei 魏良恩
    Designer: Utsuo Chen 陳映男
    CG Lead: Joyeq Yen 顏武雄
    3D Artists: Chan Chia, Weiting Chen, David Liu 張展嘉, 陳威廷
    Compositors: Rex Hung, Showy Lin, Jian Chia Hsu 洪鈺堂, 林修毅, 許建嘉
    Roto Artist: Yu Chian Wang 王毓謙
    Director: JL 羅申駿
    DOP: Kuan Wei Huang 黃冠為
    Producer: Wei Hao Huang 黃緯豪
    Assistant Producers: Kang Hwa Feng, Dang Jhe Chen 馮康華, 陳登哲
    Sound Design: Echolab