Inspired by Aleksey & Marina

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  • Our collection of photo-copies increased in recent years very much, and we decided to publish the most outstanding examples. Open up the publication of works of photographers, without hesitation, "inspiring" by our photography. We will evaluate this works on a 10-point system and award the "honorary" of "Master of Photography Copies" title in the 3 degrees. 
  • We will start with our Chinese colleague, hit us up by accuracy and thoroughness of copying. "Roses" collection, over which we have been working for about 2 years (2008-2010), was published in the spring of 2010. This collection was struck by many, and probably therefore attracted a record number of copies to itself. But best of all, in our view, it could copy the Chinese photographer named Alex.
  • For a lot of effort to copy our "Roses," for diligence, thoroughness and accuracy of copies, Alex from China receives from our assessment of nine points out of 10 ', and the "Master of Photography Copies" title of the I degree.
  • Here you see the pictures of the Polish photo-designer-retoucher named K. B., who sells a copies of our work on the stock sites like Shutterstock.
  • Polish copier K.B. unable to recreate the dress from our "Roses", as it did the Chinese counterpart (see previous publication) - this is understandable, work for agencies require runoff rate and a large number of images - there is no time to find the right fabric. K.B. out of the situation with the help of Photoshop, wisely making photo collages of images and patterns of flowers roses. The result was quite similar, as well as advertising, bright and juicy, which appreciated by many buyers of photostocks.
  • Appreciate other copies of our works from the collection "Bianca", collection "Omega" and just single photos.For resourcefulness, creative approach to the use of our work, advances in Photoshop and commercial talent, K.B. from Poland receive our estimate of 8 points from 10, and the title of "Master of Photo Copies" II degree.
  • This image ("Disclosure" from the series "Sex-Voyage"), we made in December 2007.
    Publications Online:
    September 22, 2008.
    September 26, 2009. 
  • In 2008, we made a color remake of this work and called it "Decollete".
    Publications Online:
    December 29, 2008.
    February 22, 2009.
  • ...This version has become very popular and had a lot of publications....
  • And in 2010, French Vogue has done a remake of this picture, glorified it for the whole fashion world.
    For respect for our idea and execution at the highest level, the creative team of French Vogue receive our estimate 10 points from 10, and the title of "Master of Photo Copies" I degree.