Innocence of Swearing

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  • For this project I needed to look at the subject of nostailgia. The aim of this porject was to make the viewer
    re-evaluate their relationship with my  chosen nostalgia subject. My chosen subject was pixelization
    and pixelation. I used my theme to represent childhood innocence toward swearing rather than obscuring
    obscene behaviour.
    As the book states, when we are children and learn new words, we want to use them without knowing their
    true meaning. This concept can also be applied to offensive hand gestures.
    Program: InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator
    Paper: Zerkall 100hpw White Smooth
    Size: 173mm x 242mm (folded spreads)
    Method: Double sided large format inkjet
    Binding: Signature Singer Sewn