Inner Children and Burning Babies

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  • Losing Touch
    Stuff Inside the Modern Manchild
  • This isn't rocket science.

    Ever worked a job that distanced you from yourself? Such is the modern condition.

    A lot of my work from college explored 'What it means to be a man, today' and the Burning Baby image popped into my head as a powerful metaphor for a new social archetype.

    These were actually 'exhibited' in a friends apartment gallery in Brooklyn many years ago. Good times!
  • Thinking about the Japanese 'salary man' here. The inner child starts to feel a disconnect.
  • Nobody's really happy in this scenario –the overworked office dude nor his little dude.
  • But anger gives way to depression and fear. Disoriented and confused, adrift inside the unhappy.
  • 'What's happening to me?'

    (Dont like this one. The gesture makes me think of that damn Ooga Chaka baby from Ally McBeal.)
  • Things go down hill fast. The inner child begins to wither. I imagined that like some sort of in vitro immolation.
  • Adrift and dying.
  • The middle chunk at the center of their being is a big loss.
  • Out goes the soul.
  • Full on loss.
  • Nearly done.
  • 'I just feel lost.'
  • Why?
  • Floater.
  • Blame.
  • One for my MySpace page (remember those) way back in '07?