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Infographic to illustrate Howard Gardner's nine intelligence theories.
Animated version of Howard Gardner's 9 types of intelligence, demonstratiing Gagne's 9 elements of instruction.
This is a Uni assignment I created to help visually illustrate Howard Gardner's 9 types of intelligence. It was a lot of fun to do, so hopefully I get good marks for it. Researching was even fun for this, mainly the video's on TED where Sir Ken Robinson talks about Education and multiple intelligence. If you want a good engaging educational experience visit TED and search for Sir Ken Robinson, he has myriad talks posted.
I have some corrections to make to this infographic, after speaking with one of my friends in teaching, we agreed that it was better to define existential along the lines of philosophy rather than religious beliefs, so I am updating the graphic and will re-post it some time soon.
Meanwhile I am working on a 4 minute animation explaining the 9 types of intelligence using Gagne's 9 events of instruction. The story board is complete and I am working on the animation in After Effects right now. See below for the first 60 seconds. There are about 36 comps and I think I have done about 6 of them so far. It's another uni assignment that is not due for another couple of weeks. Once it is completed, I will re-post the infographic with updated visual/copy.
Fun Flash Animation.