Inflo | Water Monitoring App

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  • Summary
    I created a cross-platform app that would feed the user detailed statistics about water quality, and would allow one to see trends across large periods of time and geographic areas. The water data would be uploaded from a water meter to the Inflo website, and the iPhone app would pull a portion of that data as well as provide maintenance instructions while in the field.
  • Selected Pages
    These are selected screens from my process book showing a little bit of my research and sketches. Throughout my process I was constantly testing my design with various people to make sure that it was intuitive and user-friendly. Later I tested digital comps (not pictured) with other users and learned what worked for the iPhone app and the website, and what I needed to change. The iterative process of user testing and modification throughout the creation of the interface was crucial to its production.
  • Final Interface Design
    After working out any problems with the interface on a low-fidelity scale, I created the brand for Inflo. I wanted to create an interface that felt clean and a little bit corporate because my target audiences were governments and large companies. Here are selected examples of the interface design.