Infiniti cars

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    Infiniti Cars 360º Worldwide Campaigns
  • This summer i was asked to participate in a pitch for Infinit Cars along with 3 other studios, where they asked me to develop one visual demo with a specific style.

    After a few days i got the good news that i had been elected to create all the background visuals for the campaign.

    This is the result of my hard work during the month of August, i hope you like it as much as i.

    This campaign will be aired internationally.

    It would be lovely if you guys could do me a favor of taking some photographs of billboards, magazines or other displays where this would be shown in your countries to add on to this gallery.


    Short credits:

    AGENCY: TBWA París
    ART DIRECTOR: Douglas Rocha
    Illustration: Drasik -

    PD: In few days i will upload the final background! - INFINITI EX