Infiniti Digital Art

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  • 3D Mapping Digital Art for the Infiniti

    By connecting together the elements that compose a car, 
    3D Mapping Digital Art shows the passion for infiniti.

    GOLD WINNER of The Infiniti Digital Art Competition 2012  

  • This image starts from the elements that compose a car, "steel, aluminum, water, oil, rubber, fabric, stone, and more" rush from the top part of the car
    Next,it changes into the manufactured goods like "screws, washers, iron plates, LEDs, glass, carbon, gears, pistons, car parts" rush from the top part of the car.
    And things that give a car energy like "water, air, fire, green, gasoline, electricity, and more" rush around inside the car, and eventually seeds come falling down   onto the leaves, and green spreads on the car.
    At  the end,  the car itself is projected, with images of people getting in.
    The elements that compose a car build infinity, 3D Mapping Projections that give people passion, and show connections to the world and the planet.