• UI & OS sketch
    This UI/OS sketch is something that I spent a week developing from scratch and is near completion sometimes this week. This UI/OS is meant to take the user experience to whole new level by allowing you to access your contents much faster and efficiently. I can't diclose much on the project, but if you are interested on collaboratiing on this project with me and want to know more, by any means feel free to contact me. 
    Hopefully at the end, a company or maybe a group of us can develop the UI for android and maybe the new Firefox OS coming out and an endless of other possibilities.
  • This some of the screens.
  • This a "phone" I sketch and thought would look nice with the UI.
  • This is some of the drafting/sketching process that I went through.
  • This phone design, I want to conceptualize. If you want to know more about the pecific shape, please contact me r leave a comment.