• Infinit is a fashion brand, specialized in sunglasses, but they also sell reading glasses, watches and headphones with their brand. Eye drops was a new product they wanted to introduce to the argentinian market, and make it available in the largest pharmacy chains, but keeping the brand values, and high quality perception: little generic medicinal bottles are not a possibility, and they were ready to make an investment in a new kind of packaging.

    I took it as an opportunity, because the problem with the shape of regular eye drops bottles is that they only consider the moment of application. They’re useful, and it’s easy to put a drop in your eye, but they’re also pretty uncomfortable to carry in your pocket, so they’re usually left at home, or carried in bags (that are dropped when possible).

    If you’re in the street and you need an eye drop, you probably don’t have your bottle with you, and that happens because eyedrops are not a really desirable object.