Indutor Exhibition — Lisbon, Portugal

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  • Indutor Exhibition

    P28 Association + National Coordination for Mental Health [PT]
  • "Empirically it has been known for a long time the relevance of stimulating people with mental disturbances, to materialize their emotions and affections through any kind of pictorial or sculptural form symbolically elaborated and significant for themselves. This not only as a mere therapeutical occupation but as the exteriorization of their feelings and thoughts amalgamated in suffering, unspeakable spontaneously, by words.


    We emphasize that this exhibition at the Lx factory who kindly welcomed us, is not the first initiative of this nature and we hope it won’t be the last – consideration for people with severe mental illnesses demands it. There is an urge to find the conditions to enable these spontaneous artistic productions to be appreciated or even discovered, including by those with prejudice towards mental illnesses, but with enough sensibility and openness of mind to appreciate and respect productions by fellow citizens born and grown often without distinction from the group and who, sometime, started to see the others and
    the world in a different and phantasmagoric way."

    Excerpt taken from the text "Indutor" — Álvaro A. Carvalho [National Coordinator for Mental Health]


    Work developed for P28 Association!

  • Invitation by Francisco Elias

  • Lx Factory Lisbon
  • João Martinho Photography.
  • Artur Moreira work.
  • José Pedro work.
  • Catalog of the Exhibition "Indutor"