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  • Graphic design & editorial design of book for HMKV in Dortmund.
    INDUSTRIAL on Tour is the title of a film program organized by Hartware
    MedienKunstVerein (HMKV) dealing with the topic of ‘Industrial’ which
    toured through five cities in Poland from 27 Sept - 9 Oct 2011 (Gdańsk,
    Tarnów, Kraków, Bytom and Łódź). During the two-week trip, the curators did research on the topic of
    de-/industrialization in Poland. The film program, as well as the
    researched new material will be shown in the context of HMKV’s
    large-scale international New Industries Festival which is scheduled to
    happen in 2013 in Dortmund, Germany.
    Curated by Inke Arns (Dortmund), Thibaut de Ruyter (Berlin)
    Organised by Daniel Muzyczuk (Toruń).