Industrial Debris

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  • I've been asked to joining for an artwork on the Earth Day Exhibition 2012, held by the young generation of Visual Communication Design, Sebelas Maret University. The brief is about make a poster with simple regreen themed. But I think it's too much work that have the same theme after all. So I'm asking myself how and I decided to make something different. When I looked into my partner's Piece, Aditya Tirtanegara [link]  that he had just make an artwork that related to regreen themed, therefore, I saw his piece as a good refference for me. (note : he hasn't update his work in his Portfolio page yet).

    Finally, I draw an Earth with metal plates and contains a lot of gears and hard matters, just want to illustrate how the earth has a millions of metal debris that come from Industrial movements. I saw it much like a critical disease, like cancer. And then finished this work with dark colors for a bleak scene over the whole work.
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