Indian Spice Dictionary

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  • Initial Visual explorations for spices using coloured ink.
    The idea was to understand the taste, smell, colour and texture of the spices and represent it visually.
    The project aims at familiarizing people with the names of the Indian spices. Among the various visual approaches explored, the idea of using images of spices was finalized, keeping in mind the target audience and the use of dictionary.
    I tried to incorporate the type with the visual itself so that at the first glance people know the names of the different spices. Later the regional names of the spices are provided on the same page. The dictionary also serves as a weekly planner which talks about the 52 Indian spices which goes in accordance with 52 weeks of the year. The planner adds on to the purpose of spice dictionary and gives the users a diary to plan their daily chores, write about the recipes. It in a way brings them closer to Indian cooking. It provides brief information of the spice, its medicinal use and the regional names.
    I experimented with different techniques and followed different process for taking the pictures of spices, before finalizing the layout. Here are few of the explorations for the same.
    Photo by Natraja Moorthy
                     Gabrielle Chloe Sonabend (for the images of book)