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Today's Special Posters for Hippo's Indian Food League
Indian Food League
The Indian Food League was conceptualized as a crowd sourced activity that tapped into every Indian's latent desire to voice their humorous opinions. Talking cricket online has become engrained in every cricket lover's match day rituals. And by bringing India's favourite foods to this already heated and opinionated mix, Hippo hoped to hit on a very successful recipe.

The IFL comprised of nine regional teams symbolised by the region's most popular dishes and every day Hippo put up a Today's Special poster, giving a unique and quirky take on the day's food match up. Each Today's Special also mirrored the daily IPL schedule.

Fans could then come on and give Hippo their own funny take on which dish will come out on top and why. The site also gave fans the chance to make and share their own fun Today's Specials, through their social network accounts. Daily Hippo would gift the day's best comment a Hippo Bean Bag thus making snacking while watching cricket a lot more fun.
Website design for Indian Food League, view it here