• Incognito

    Incognito seriesbegan on a trip of the photographer to New York, where he says he was impressedwith the variety of types of people. There were people from all around theworld, from all kinds of races, creeds, cultures, styles. And Marcus Steinmeyer notedthat in the midst of such diversity, no one stood out. People there generallydid not care what the others were wearing or doing. Each had their beliefs,tastes, concepts and respected (or ignored) the next's.

    In a city as crowded and hectic as new york, the goal of Steinmeyer withthis series of photos was to capture the individuality and at the same time thediversity of the people who were there for several reasons. Since we cannot seeanyone's faces, we have the impression that each one there is just one moreperson in the crowd. Thus, besides bringing mystery and instigating the viewer'scuriosity, the pictures of incognito depict the paradox of individuality versuscollectivity, the loneliness of the individual as opposed to the agitation ofthe surrounding environment.

    Some people depicted in the photographs that make up the series are not thatunknown, for they have turned sideways at the time of the click, but theselection criterion for the final images was choosing the ones which most awakenedthe viewer's curiosity about who they are, what want, what they think and wherethey are going.

    All work printed in canvas 80 x 53 cm