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The quiet lives of objects
Is a series of fine art still life photographs that explore the deeper silence within objects. The intent and purpose of this project is to focus on objects that people either collect, inherit, or just keep on hand that hold a certain amount of sentimentality. The objects were collected by friends and co-workers, some people whom there was no direct relationship to other than their interest in the project. The objects that were used hold no specific meaning to the photographer but who set out to create relationships with the objects that would iterate their deeper meaning in a visually quiet manner as the core subject of the series.
The series was approached with a constructed artistic involvement where medium and linguistic based involvements were crucial to the development of the work. Strong formal arrangements and deliberate selection of objects create a sense of narrative where the viewer is to take away a sense of an unknown story as to where these objects have been. The work was created by acknowledging such historical influences as Joseph Cornell by simplifying the arrangements inside of wooden boxes and presenting the work in a way that is not as soft and airy but in acknowledgement of Olivia Parker’s work.