• InSert Drum
    Rythmic compilation - A solution of mobility and transport for acoustic drums
    (Product Design Master Thesis)

  • Acoustic drums are one of the biggest musical instruments played nowadays in musical bands, making it one of the hardest to transport. They are formed by drums and cymbals suspended by different kinds of structures depending on the model and the drum kit. The size, the weight and the lack of flexibility of the components makes it hard to pack and transport. We proposed to develop an acoustic drum project with solutions for these problems by packing up the drums inside each other, headed to a target of drummers who play in many different places, and therefore, subjected to constant displacements with their instruments.
  • The matrioshka concept is not original, we can find it in lots of drum kits from different companies .
  • For validation, it was important to recognise the difference in sound between the original and the sliced shell, therefore, we had a drum kit for testing it. The results were obviously different, not just because of the sliced shells, but also because of the impossibility of tuning it the same way they were before: stretching and loosening the skins damages and affects the sound.

    Next, we have the recorded sounds from studio of the drum, before and after the slicing,with and without drum mufflers.

  • Drum 1 (bateriaum) – Sliced shell, without drum mufflers
    Drum 2 (bateriadois) – Unsliced shell, with drum mufflers
    Drum 3 (bateriatrês) – Sliced shell, with drum mufflers
    Drum 4 (bateriaquatro) – Unsliced shell, without drum mufflers