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Alternative and never-published Super Super projects in one, small book.
Studio works come to life due to the contribution of the whole team. The final outcome is the result of a combination of mutually impacting ideas and tempers of various individuals involved. We take advantage of the fact that each one of us is an expert in distinct design fields and we strive to draw benefits by means of experimentation and innovation within 2D and 3D. Every project entails dozens of hours of studio work, consulting with clients, trips to the print shops, supervising the moulding machine and various negotiations. At times one idea is being separately developed by different people in order to provide an array of choice and eventually select the best approach. The entire process generates loads of sketches and final solutions which are then archived. Sometimes we need to abandon our favourite version. Therefore, we have decided to keep these alternative, never-published Super Super projects or contest artifacts alive.
Super Super is a Warsaw based multidisciplinary design studio.
Art Direction: Hanna Kokczyńska, Jacek Majewski
Team: Bartosz Szymkiewicz, Natalia Kotkowska, Jacek Rudzki, Zofia Buchner, Joanna Pamuła
Collaboration: David Błażewicz, Jan Dudzik, Joris Dockx, Michał Piasecki, Jarek Nowotka, Ola Andrzejewska, Mikołaj Molenda, Kama Wybieralska
Concept and design: Bartosz Szymkiewicz
Printed on Conqueror CX22 paper with Pantone 299U and 1787U.