In a Different Light: Infrared Great Salt Lake

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  • In a Different Light: Infrared Images of the Great Salt Lake

    The black and white photographs presented in this study represent a sampling of images taken in and around the large salt water body known as the Great Salt Lake. Located just to the west Salt Lake City, Utah, this lake is the remnant of a much larger ancient body of water called Lake Bonneville.  All of these photos were captured with a variety of infrared-sensitive cameras and converted to B&W images. With infrared B&W photography, skies and water can take on an inky blackness, clouds pop in dramatic fashion, foliage becomes milky white and grass is often mistaken for snow. Depending upon atmospheric conditions, images can be topographically sharp or soft and gauzy with a ghostly dreaminess.

    Whether a calm summer morning or a tempestuous spring storm afternoon, photographing the Great Salt Lake with an infrared equipment can produce fascinating images for one willing to see things in a different light.