In Formation: 2010/11

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  • In Formation 10/11
    Card Collection for the Premier League Season
  • As a continuation of the In Formation project, these cards combine typography, information visualisation and a defined style to present information with beauty and clarity.

    These cards not only show the player's abilities but also their statistics for the season so far.  These include appearances, cards, goals per game, goal time and location.

    This is a personal project as an exploration of the concept, if you have any ideas or feedback on either of my projects I would really appreciate it!

  •     The Cover Card, and Front and Back of Carlos Tevez.  Inspired by Vintage Boxing Posters.
  •     Front and Back of Nani.  Both sides arranged in much the same way to provide continuity and balance when viewing two     cards simultaneously in this manner.
  •     Backs of Nani and Tevez.  Stats can be compared and inferences made with regard to their performances, discipline,            scoring timing and prowess.
  •     Joe Hart.  Cards show rating, team, player profile and abilities.
  •     Variety in content creates added interest.
  •     Large range of players allows collectors to create their own squads.
  •     Aesthetic provides a more hands on, earthy approach, making these cards look like they are made to be handled.