Improbabilia - Sci-fi Web Series

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  • I acted as the director of photography/cinematographer for the bulk of production on Improbabilia, a Handsome Robot web series. Scenes shot in Vancouver were lensed by the series' director/producer, Brian Clement. All scenes shot in Toronto (most of the series) however were lensed by me. 
    The series debuted on YouTube with Episode 1: Desperation on September 1, 2013. I'll add subsequent episodes to this page as they are released approximately every two-three weeks. Here's a Facebook album link to some behind-the-scenes cell phone photos.
    Synopsis: For office worker Hal Norman, every day is the same and reality couldn't be more boring. When he loses his job and finds himself deep in debt, he decides to go in for paid medical testing to make some easy money...or so he thinks.