• Impossible
    With great courage and tenacity, the Impossible company was able to stop the last Polaroid film factory from being dismantled. Now the firm is manufacturing instant film again, with a new formula. Heine/Lenz/Zizka developed Impossible’s corporate design as well as its name and product packaging, all the way to point of sale materials, communications, and trade show presence.
  • Corporate Identity
    Concept, Corporate Design, Graphic Design
    Our approach hewed to a fundamental principle: to design as little as possible. The contradiction already present in the name Impossible was visualized typographically with a backward “P” – it emphasizes the opposite, “possible.” Inverted representations are also typical of photography.
  • Film Packaging
    Packaging Design
    The design had to be efficient as well as high-quality, and it had to conform to the requirements of the existing packaging machine. The minimalist design is enhanced by embossing the product name and a UV varnished pattern wich refers to the typical instant photo frame structure. The packaging can also be used as a slipcase for archiving the photographed images.
  • Instant Lab
    Product Design, Campaign
    Impossible Instant Lab, a kind of instant photography lab for the iPhone, came about in the context of the camera development at Impossible.
    On September 10, 2012, the product was presented on the crowdfunding platform kickstarter.com and reached its funding goal of $250,000 in just thirty hours. We developed the Kickstarter campaign together with the Impossible team.
  • Creative User Manual
    Graphic Design, Product Design
    To provide users with special techniques for working with their instant photographs, we developed this user manual as a set of cards. The cards can be collected individually and put together on a loose-leaf binder ring.
  • Yearbook
    Concept, Editorial Design
    The softcover picture book "We Are Impossible" offers a look inside the company and the world of instant photo enthusiasts.
  • Product Folder
    Graphic Design, Editorial Design
  • 101 Ways
    Concept, Graphic Design, Editorial Design
    In a broad-based request for information, the company asked its customers: “How do you use Impossible’s equipment? What do you do with your Impossible photos?” Heine/Lenz/Zizka brought the 101 most creative ideas together in the book 101 Ways.
  • From Polaroid to Impossible
    Concept, Graphic Design, Editorial Design
  • Trade Show Booth
    Concept, Trade Show Booth Design, Graphic Design, Editorial Design
    The trade show booth at Photokina 2012 placed the development of the Impossible camera in the center stage, but it also left room to present the company’s new color film and an exhibition of artworks produced with Impossible’s new 8 x 10 large-format film.