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  • ImpossiBall
  • We were asked to create an interactive campaign to make people set up savings accounts at DnB NOR (a Norwegian bank). The pay-off was "Some have luck in life. The rest of us might want to save some". 

    We needed to prove to people that only for a few of us get wealthy through luck. Therefore we created
    ImpossiBall, a live and physical game in Oslo, which people could test their luck in, either online or by SMS. The game was streamed live from a branch window in central Oslo, so users online could play through the web. Each person would connect a ball to their name, and if the ball went into a small tube (which was nearly impossible), they would win up to appx. $40000.

    When the ball didn´t go in the tube (99% of the time) the users were presented the payoff-message, and urged to start a savings account at the local DnB NOR bank branch.

  • Concept - Anders Holm / Sebastian Prestø / Espen Aaeng
    Design - Espen Aaeng
    Flash development, engineering, game development - Knut Skåla
    Flash assistance- Thomas Lein
    Copywriting - Anders Holm / Sebastian Prestø
    Backend - Erland Wiencke
    Project manager - Lisa Canneaux
    Consultant - Knut Bjørgen

    Agency - Apt AS

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