• Imag!ne AR
    Augmented Reality Campaign

  • Imag!ne offering the best in Phone, Broadband, Mobile and home Gaming. Now Imag!ne you want to get the word out in a unique and engaging way. Now visualize the results with Augmented Reality. We executed from concept to launch an augmented reality campaign for Imag!ne WiMax in Ireland. Launching on the cover of every Golden Pages directory distributed in Ireland, customers with a mobile device can now tap into a hidden world of extra content by simply pointing their phones at the cover.

    My Role
    Strategy & Planning, Art Direction, Design, 3D Texturing

    Truvo, Imag!ne

  • Concept Mock
  • 3D
  • Golden Pages 2012 Cover Ad
  • AR Tracking Image
  • AR App (iPhone & Android)