{ Motion & 3D interactive videos for AST Groupe }

    This video is part of an interactive setup we made on Youtube for our client AST Groupe (a group of different brands of home builders based in France). In order to boost AST's online notoriety, we decided to create a simple way to connect with their audience : the 4 videos we made do not simply "sell" the brands but rather tends to inform about the most importants 4 topics you have to care when you want to build your own house. Especially when it's the first time.
  • Full interactive setup (French)
    The Perfect Location (French + English subtitles)
    The House of your Dreams (French + English subtitles)
    Your Low Energy House (French + English subtitles)
    Managing your House Construction (French + English subtitles)
  • Interactive setup and digital display:
  • Character design & making of:
  • Credits:
    Directed by Mute 
    Interactive setup by Mute 
    Art directors: Marie Brun, Julien Andrieux
    Motion director: Julien Andrieux
    CG Character modeling: GFactory 
    CG Character animation: Benjamin Fleury
    Compositing: Julien Andrieux
    Voice recording: Audio Pigment
    Sound design: With Music
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