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A set of A3 posters and A5 referral forms for Imagine Mental Health
Imagine Mental Health Promotional Material
A set of 7 posters and referral forms to promote the great work done by Imagine

A few weeks ago I was approached by the Liverpool based charity Imagine, and was asked to produce a promotional poster and A5 referral form for their 'Mainstream' department, who aim to help and support those suffering with mental health issues. You can see the outcome of that project here.

Fast forward to last week and Imagine got back in touch, this time to say that they liked my work for 'Mainstream' so much that they wanted me to do the same for their other 7 departments. The only snag was that the timescales were really, really short.

Undeterred I took on the project and began work on a series of designs and illustrations that were in keeping with the work I had done for 'Mainstream', but ensuring that each department was given their own visual identity through a careful use of colour. This was the first time the charity had attempted to instil some uniformity into their individual departments so it was great to see the project come together.

Due to technical issues with emails the tight deadline got even tighter and the timescales where reduced to a single weekends worth of work but thankfully everything was completed just in time and the material was produced and delivered on schedule.

For more information on the brilliant work done by Imagine Mental Health, check out their website at
Promotional Posters
 A5, 4 page referral forms