Imaginate Children's Theatre | Edinburgh, UK
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Project completed during an undergraduate exchange at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, UK. Year 4.
Imaginate Children's Theatre
Spring 2011 | 4rd Year Undergraduate | Strathclyde University - Exchange Program
Project Location: Edinburgh, UK
The project was created on the concept "to play" in the city. The children's theatre was a self selected program to fit the need of a performance place in the city. The specific program is for an institution that might satisfy man's need to play. Man is redefined as children in this particular project. This is a public building for children to learn about the arts through classes on dancing, acting, costume design and stage production. The main performance area serves a dual purpose: as a theatre for children to watch productions and to perform in productions. An overall issue in designing the sort of space is dealing with the complexity of user groups: performers, managers, builders, spectators, students, etc.